About Us

Practical Colombia, was created by a group of professionals and entrepreneurs with the aim to support the industry in Colombia and optimize this sector with the international demand of fresh products, such as fresh fruit and fruits derivatives.



Practical Colombia, is dedicated to supply the worldwide customer with the finest and high-quality fruits from Colombia, and deeply committed with the social development of the countryside.


Practical wants to be related with the mean of finest and high quality. Practical will understand the need of every market that they target, in order to adapt and compete with the highest standards.

Core value:

Practical is dedicated to quality in products and service, it is a worldwide commitment solidly backed by:

  • Export the highest quality fruits and derivates existing.
  • Backing in cooperation local and international groups.
  • Conscientious production and distribution processes

We will provide our clients high quality fruits and derivates, and at the same time creating positively impact in our partners and Colombia.